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Procedure for Maintenance of College Resources

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The physical and academic facilities are maintained regularly. The computer systems and network facility is upgraded regularly with latest configuration and technology.

There are 235 computers in the institute and all are connected to internet. Staff and students can access internet facility free of charge.

A senior faculty heads a committee of faculty members and supporting staff to look after the infrastructure. Building maintenance committee looks after the upkeep of building, water tanks, water filters, college lawns etc. The allocated funds are utilized under the observation of various monitoring committees of the college such as purchase committee, building committee, UGC planning board committee, hostel monitoring committee, library committee, etc.

Various procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities are as follows:

  1. Budget allocation is done under various heads at the beginning of the financial year viz. purchase, repair and maintenance of various equipments, in consensus with the college management.

  2. A Cleanliness Committee monitors and records the cleanliness of the campus along with observations and suitable actions are initiated accordingly.

    1. Overhead water tanks are regularly cleaned.

    2. Along with the cleanliness committee, our NSS volunteers under the ‘Swachhta Abhiyaan’ also take care of the overall cleanliness of the college campus.
    3. Our college has also bagged ‘Swachh Sarvekshan’ award for the current session by Municipal Corporation, Karnal.
    4. Regular fogging with disinfectants is done for the prevention of common water and air borne diseases like dengue, malaria etc.
  3. A Discipline Committee takes care of the overall maintenance and decorum of the campus.
    1. Our college has adopted a ‘No Phone Policy’ for the students in the campus. Designated area is provided for the usage of phone.
  4. Laboratories are periodically upgraded and sanitization of laboratories is also taken care of by the Lab Attendants.
  5. Laboratory equipments and chemicals are regularly maintained by laboratory attendants of the concerned departments. Department wise stock registers are also maintained by them under the supervision of administrative staff. College follows the procedure of annual stock verification of all the consumable and non-consumable items by faculty members.
    1. Text books are also issued to the needy students by the departments.
    2. Based on the requirement, new equipments and chemicals are also purchased time to time.
  6. The maintenance of the reading room and stock verification of library books is done regularly by the library staff. Library software is also regularly maintained by AMC.
  7. Computer literacy/ training programme is carried out every year for first year students of all disciplines.
  8. A Hostel Committee comprising of senior staff members ensures healthy, clean and hygienic stay for the students. Cots, fans, tube-lights, TV, cooking vessels, cooking stoves etc. are maintained by the Warden along with the Hostel Committee, through periodical verification.
  9. First Aid facility is also provided to the students by the college. A doctor is nominated for the same who visits the college during prescribed hours to provide medical treatment.
    1. Deworming of the students is done regularly by the Youth Red Cross, Red Ribbon Club, NSS and NCC of our college.
    2. Health care camps are organized from time to time.
  10. College has a policy to involve maximum number of students in community service and various other outreach programmes. Some of such programmes are Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Eco-Awareness Campaigns, Tree Plantation, Fit-India Movement, Poshan Maah, Pulse Polio Abhiyaan, etc.
  11. To promote the culture of sports among the students, the college has a policy to provide certain free-ships to the extraordinary sports students in the form of free education (No tuition fee) and free boarding and lodging in the college hostel. The athletes are also given free sport kits. Considering their busy schedule due to the regular tournaments, special instructions have been given to the faculty members for making arrangements for the completion of their syllabi.
  12. Keeping in view, the overall fitness and wellbeing of the staff and students with utmost importance, an open-air gym has been established in the college premises.
    1. In the Open-air Gym: Twister, Stepper, Walker, Cross-trainer are installed.
  13. Under the supervision of a senior faculty from Botany Department, watch and ward staff and gardeners look after the security and timely thinning, weeding, mulching and fertilizing of the lawns.
  14. Maintenance and repairing of IT infrastructure such as computers, internet facilities including Wi-Fi and broadband and updation of software by computer technicians is done through outsourcing.
  15. Annual maintenance of lifts, biometric machine, website of the college, fee software, fire fighting equipments, generators, ROs, CCTV cameras, digital notice board and library software is done through general repair/AMC.
  16. Outsourcing is done for the maintenance of wooden furniture, electrification, painting and plumbing.
  17. The college has bus facility also (one Bus and one Winger) for educational and excursion tours of the students.
  18. Solar Power Plant with 46 KWP capacities has also been installed in the college.

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