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ELIGIBILITY : A candidate who has passed Higher Secondary/10+2 examination from the Board of School Education, Haryana or an examination recognizedas equivalent there to, shall be eligible to join any of these Certificate courses. After completion of Certificate  Course a student can join Diploma course & Advance Diploma Course in continuation.

NEED : As the name suggests a Career Oriented Course has an intensive, work based curriculum which braces the students for gaining practical skills which they may not get in an integrated programme. It is a type of part-time course which can be pursued with any regular course of study. The choice of subject can be from any stream.

STAFF : Professional Qualified Staff

INFRASTRUCTURE : Specially designed Labs

SPECIAL FOCUS : Career and Market oriented Skills

Cost: Nominal Cost-Rs. 300/-p.m.(Certificate/Diploma/Advance Diploma)

Outsiders : They can enroll in the course after paying Rs. 8000 for twelve months.


  1. No Refund of fee after joining the course
  2. Minimum 20 students are required to run Diploma & Advance Diploma
  3. Fee will be paid for whole session

It is advised that all the students opt for at least one add-on  course to take advantage of hands-on training and developing skills which is the need of the hour in this world of globalization and competition.

1.  FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH (Compulsory for M.A. English-I)

Functional English aims at developing the confident & independent personality of the student by enabling her to be the language expert, by endowing her with the fluency in spoken & written English which is essential for interaction in corporate sectors & day today life in the present times of globalization.


“A thing of Beauty is joy for ever. “The art of Beauty culture is , very old and all through the ages, beauties have influenced the . minds of poets and other important people. There is a huge demand for qualified cosmetology. One can learn a competitive  trade that gives endless potential.


Fashion is a way of life and it reflects the image of the society. Design is an individual’s creative expression. Designing apparel is an exciting demanding profession, one that requires special skills and abilities. Creativity and art play an important role in, fashion, this rapidly expanding industry demands increasing professionalism. The students get exposed to the entire gamut of activity involving development of a garment from conceptualization to the finished product involving varied technical inputs and presentation.


The Home Science Department introduced Career Oriented Course in Food Processing. The students learn various technologies of Food Processing which enable them to start the small industry & also prepare them for various jobs in Fast Food  Processing Industry.

5.  GIS and Remote Sensing  (Compulsory for M.Sc. Geog. Students)

This course will help the students for Higher education in different institutes in India or Abroad for M.Sc. GIS & Remote Sensing/MBA/ MCA/M.Tech/Ph.D in IIT (Kanpur etc.). It will also help the student to get good placement in Govt. of India, private sector jobs like Indian forces, GIS Remote Sensing Departments, Survey Department of India, Planning Department of India, GIS Consortium, Infotech, Adriotech, SGS Infotech, Frontier Technologies.

6.  Animation, Web-Designing and Multimedia (One course compulsory for M.Sc. (Comp. &) PGDCA)

Animation means Magic, Entertainment, Fun and lots of Creativity. People are always looking for new ways to educate their children. If they are having fun they learn better. Computer animation can be used to make very exciting and fun animations with which education and training can easily be incorporated. It is much more interesting to learn math for example when the letters look nice and colorful and flying around your TV screen instead of solving problems on plain black and white paper. Other subjects can also be taught by using computer animation. Animation, Web designing and Multi-media have a huge demand in National as well as International Market. These career courses entail intensive career training for the job requirement in the field of Computers. These courses facilitate Industrial Training which helps the students to polish their creativity and get the job in any Company easily. They can further do some specializations in 2D or 3D Pre-Production, SoundEngineering, Modelling etc. These courses also help the students to earn their income from home by creating Websites, Advertisements and Pamphlets etc


Diploma in Healthcare is accessible to a large number of individuals of the community, offer low cost and high quality education locally, that encompasses both vocational skills development as well as traditional course work, thereby providing opportunities to the learners to move directly to the employment sector. It offers a flexible and open education system which caters to community based life-long learning needs. It has a synergistic relationship between the community, community college and the job market.

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