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A Celebration of Dreamers and Achievers

There is something magical in seeing our large family of DAVians congregate in one place. Spread across over 21 States of this country alone and even places abroad, DAV has proven to be not just an educational organisation, but a movement that spans through time and space. The DAV United Festival, in its Fourth Edition, celebrated the magnanimous unity of this very movement. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students and their parents, alumni, teachers and staff to revel in the identity and pride that binds us all.

With every passing year, our number grows and so does the impact that we are making on the world. It filled me with immense satisfaction and joy to witness so many of our alumni descend on the festival-premises clad in both, inspiring achievements and kind humility. The celebration aptly showcased how DAV has been successful in transforming young students into accomplished individuals devoted to the larger good. Even more heartening was the praise that I received on behalf of all of you from our guests and other dignitaries.

The festival may have lasted for just two days, but I am certain, its ripples of jubilation continue to touch us even now. I hope it gave a chance to all of you to make memories for a lifetime. At the heart of it, after all, was the wish to enjoy to the fullest. Let us be careful, however, not to let it slip as merely another event in our memory. DAV United Festival was conceived with the idea of celebrating the identity of being a DAVian, of celebrating our past and present as we continue to build the future, and of celebrating our dreams and achievements.

Being a DAVian means to be both—a dreamer and an achiever. Without dreams, we cannot hope to become a better version of ourselves and without achieving them, we cannot make any real impact. We are rooted in an educational history which goes back, not even decades, but centuries. As we carry this honour through our identity as a DAVian, we must remind ourselves to dream higher and achieve better. Let us continue to ask ourselves what more we can do and how much better we can be.

The DAV United Festival is a celebration of dreamers and achievers. It is a celebration of what we hold close to our hearts—our friends, our values and our institution. While the event may be over, but if we live each day with a similar joy and determination, we can lead more purposeful and meaningful lives. Let us carry forward the jubilant spirit in this year and return to celebrate an even bigger and more glorious festival next year. Until then, identify your goals and live each day in their pursuit. Forge deeper bonds and strengthen that sense of pride. Let us continue to move forward, together!

Om Shanti!

Punam Suri
DAV College Managing Committee
and Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha

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