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‘Read, enrich your life’
Library is the repository of knowledge and is the spine of any academic institution. It is an essential component of the institute’s outstanding research and education mission. It not only inculcates the habit of reading but stimulates a deeper quest for knowledge among students as well. Our college library has a very rich collection of books from great thinkers, philosophers, scientist, and literary scholars. Our library provides a safe, comfortable and friendly environment to students and teaching faculty that enables learning and advancement of knowledge and promotes discovery and scholarship. It is well stocked with latest 54000+ texts and reference books, 340+ CD/DVD‘S, 14 Journal (yearly), 30 Magazines (monthly) and 11 Newspapers (daily). These books and periodicals are well organized in 140 almirahs according to classification scheme. Apart from this we also subscribe online resources through INFLIBNET. To make the library user-friendly it has been computerized with LIMT software. All the sections like circulation, cataloguing, acquisition and periodical are computerized. Four computers are placed in the library for efficient daily library work. These computers are connected with wi-fi. The library caters the information needs of its highly demanding patrons, by offering a wide range of Information Technology(IT) based (and value added) services and products.
  • It remains open from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • All the books are bar-coded.
  • The books are classified and arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.
  • Current Awareness Service.
  • Ready Reference Service.
  • Newspaper clipping are filed annually.
  • Training to Diploma holders (lib. and Inf. Sci.).
  • Photostat, Printing and Scanner facilities. The charge per exposure is Rs.1.00.
  • Free Internet facility with 4 computers (UGC network resources centre) for staff and students.
  • Free service to ex-students and retired staff and concerned sister institutions
  • Our library has a Book Bank Scheme maintained on grants from the UGC for SC/ST/OBC and needy students.
  • An open shelf reference section for users has been greatly appreciated and as a result the numbers of books issued are increased considerably. Open shelf section included Reference Books, General Knowledge Books, Encyclopedias, Atlas, Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Biographies and entry into services exam like Civil services, Banking, Railways, Hotel management, UGC/NET/SLET, MBA, MCA, MAT, CAT, etc.
  • The library staff ensures that the information about any latest acquisitions/developments is communicated to students by placing information on the notice board.
  • We also provide information regarding new job oriented courses, hobby column, vacancies, admission information for higher studies on the library notice board. Teaching faculty is also informed about the same by notices/circular.
  • Smart cards with barcode label introduce for quick circulation for students. It enhances work efficiency of staff and save time of the users.
  • Install 1 computer for Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is made available to the users to identify the status of availability of documents in the library.
  • Books are also issued to students on the basis of refundable security during examination.
  • Magazines, newspapers and journals are issued to teaching staff for overnight.
  • Various CD-ROMs available for reference.
  • The College provides the facility to access e-resources (6000+ journals and 1,99,500+ eBooks) through INFLIBNET (N-LIST) programme under UGC-INFONET.
  • Reading and reference room is well maintain.
  • Eleven year university examination question papers are available in binded form for consultation of users.
  • The new additions of books and periodicals are subscribed in the library are displayed to attract the students and teachers.
  • Orientation programme: At the beginning of the session, the new students are explained about the use of library and how to use the library for study and personal development. This programme brings awareness about the library and its services.
  • Annually sale of old recreational magazines is a regular feature of library. It is for staff and students.
  • Book Exhibition: The library also invites publishers to exhibit their books on career, personality development and on others subjects. The library organizes display of books out of existing collection on a particular subject to maximize the use of collection in the library.
  • Visit to World Book Fair: Library also organizes the trip to World Book Fair for staff.
  • Library also organises Workshops and Extention lectures to deliver information regarding using of E-resources for the benefit of students.
  • An Extempore Competition and Power Point Making Competition is organized by library under the banner of Indradhanush on the topic related to library.
  • Trip to Parliament library and etc.


Name Designation
Dr. Monika Saini Librarian
Mr. Rakesh Saini Library Attendant
*Ms. Anita Thakur Library Attendant
*Ms. Ruppa Kamboj Restorer
*Ms. Bhawna Sharma Library Attendant
*The faculty on contractual basis

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